Looking Back, A Wealth of Sights and Sounds

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Looking Back, A Wealth of Sights and Sound

Explore this series of 34 photographs using words and sounds. The photographs are accompanied by written texts describing the visual elements, as well as sounds depicting what you might have heard at the time the photo was taken.

These photographs of Canadian towns and cities, taken between 1863 and 1934, illustrate a technological reality far removed from our own. Horses and tramways in city streets, steam-powered machines in factories and fields, wooden sidewalks, typewriters in offices, trains and sailing ships for interurban travel... All these factors created a sound environment very different from the one surrounding us today.

The McCord Museum has developed this project in partnership with CulturALL, a multi-sector network fostering inclusive design on the Internet, in order to improve access to a sample of 34 old photographs for persons with a visual, hearing or physical impairment.

· The photographs may be accessed using only a keyboard (the interface doesn't require use of the mouse).
· Two to six elements in the photographs are outlined in red and annotated with a written description.
· Two to six elements in the photographs have been matched to appropriate sounds.
· A special application allows users to enlarge the photographs in high resolution (using Zoomify).

Enjoy your visit!