X13257 | Champlain Celebration and Old Home Week, Saint John, New Brunswick

Champlain Celebration and Old Home Week, Saint John, New Brunswick
Maritime Steam Lithograph Company
1904, 20th century
9 x 14 cm
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

In addition to the jubilant crowds that thronged the streets of Saint John, many distinguished guests representing learned societies from both home and abroad also attended the de Monts and Champlain Tercentenary. There were provincial government and historical society representatives from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine and Massachusetts. Among other events, they took part in the series of public and private meetings put on by the Royal Society of Canada as part of the celebratory week. The Royal Society of Canada is a prestigious organization dedicated to the encouragement of the humanities and sciences.

A fascinated crowd filled St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church to witness the proceedings of a unique literary symposium, presided over by the president of the New Brunswick Historical Society, Reverend W.C. Gaynor. Several speeches explaining the importance of the de Monts and Champlain expedition were delivered.

  • What

    The de Monts and Champlain Tercentenary in 1904 and the royal visit of 1901 represented the first major events in New Brunswick for which collectable postcards were issued.

  • Where

    People born in Saint John who had since moved away were invited home to enjoy the festivities of Old Home Week, held in conjunction with the tercentenary celebrations that ran from June 20 to27.

  • When

    Some enthusiasts consider the years 1904 to 1912 the golden age of postcards.

  • Who

    The Maritime Steam Lithographing Company in Saint John, which produced this card, was one of a handful of companies that printed postcards of the de Monts and Champlain Tercentenary.