VIEW-1365.1 | C.P.R. construction supply station, Laggan, AB, 1884

C.P.R. construction supply station, Laggan, AB, 1884
William McFarlane Notman
1884, 19th century
Silver salts on paper mounted on paper - Albumen process
20 x 25 cm
Purchase from Associated Screen News Ltd.
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Photograph (77678) , rail (370) , Train (185) , Transportation (2517)
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Keys to History

Laggan is a village in the Highlands of Scotland, used for a set in the BBC series "Monarch of the Glen." The use of its name in Canada is, like Banff and Craigellachie, a reminder of how important Scots were in the early days of the CPR administration. This picture shows the untidy nature of the temporary construction camps in the late stages of building the railway. Note the rather primitive building on the right, probably a bunkhouse for the workers. Laggan is still the name of a CPR subdivision in the Rockies.

Source : Forging the National Dream [Web tour], by William R. Morrison, University of Northern British Columbia (see Links)

  • What

    This is a construction supply depot on the CPR.

  • Where

    It is at Laggan, now a CPR subdivision in the Rockies of British Columbia.

  • When

    The picture was taken 1884, when the railroad was still under construction.

  • Who

    Where is everybody? Up the line laying track? Eating or asleep in what looks like a bunkhouse on the right? Those three options fairly well describe the life of the railway worker in 1884.