VIEW-11359 | Typewriting classroom, Longueuil College, QC, 1911

Typewriting classroom, Longueuil College, QC, 1911
Wm. Notman & Son
1911, 20th century
Silver salts on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
20 x 25 cm
Purchase from Associated Screen News Ltd.
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Architecture (8646) , educational (709) , Photograph (77678)
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Keys to History

The typewriter is invented in 1808 by the Italian engineer Pellegrino Turri, to help a friend who is blind, Countess Carolina Fantoni. In 1841, a Scottish engineer invents the typewriter ribbon. And, in 1874, the American gunsmith Remington starts selling his first model of the typewriter. However, it is not until 1878, when Remington invents keys to type capital letters, that his typewriter becomes a huge success.

In Canada, after the 1880s, almost all business documents are typed. Here, as elsewhere, the profession of typist is quickly taken over by women, who are willing to master this new tool and also to accept lower salaries than men. The art of typing is taught in special typing schools.

Mark Twain, it is said, is the first writer to submit a typed manuscript to a publisher - Life on the Mississippi - in 1883. However, he had it typed by a woman.

Source : Brand New and Wonderful: The Rise of Technology [Web tour], by Jacques G. Ruelland, Université de Montréal (see Links)

  • What

    The profession of typist gains recognition and acceptance after the 1880s.

  • Where

    In 1906, the Collège de Longueuil has an enrolment of 300 students.

  • When

    In 1910, the Collège de Longueuil is well installed in its new building.

  • Who

    Typing courses are taken mostly by women.