P095-A02_01-003 | British-Canadian Wheat Raising Co. Ltd, Capital Stock

British-Canadian Wheat Raising Co. Ltd, Capital Stock
1903, 20th century
22 x 28 cm
Gift of Mr. Seymour Schulich
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

Stocks similar to this one were bought and sold in Montreal as early as 1830. The transactions took place in the Exchange Coffee House on St. Paul Street and, after its founding in 1874, in the Montreal Stock Exchange. Stocks represent shares of ownership, and so are often referred to as "shares." They are sold by companies to raise money for development, growth and expansion. Once issued, stocks are bought and sold among investors. This is a capital stock of the British-Canadian Wheat Raising Co. Ltd.

Montreal's location on the St. Lawrence River and the extensive transportation network centred there made it an important grain-export port. Mid-19th century entrepreneurs in the East were successful in exporting Western wheat abroad, and they developed an industrial and urban society based largely on the prosperity of the wheat economy. Western farmers depended, in turn, on large Eastern industrial centres like Montreal for manufactured goods and other services.

  • What

    This capital stock, signed in Montreal, certifies that an Emily H. Robson is the owner of 20 shares, each valued at $5, of the British-Canadian Wheat Raising Company Limited.

  • Where

    In the early 20th century, the Prairies not only produced the grain exports that represented a large segment of the Canadian economy, but also provided much of the market in Canada for industrial production.

  • When

    The value of Canadian wheat and wheat-flour exports to Britain and Europe rose from $14 million in 1900 to $279 million in 1920.

  • Who

    Canada experienced a boom in immigration after 1896. This was due in part to the increase in grain-laden ships bound for Europe; the ships carried immigrants as a return cargo.