P092-D | Windsor hotel floor plans

Floor plan
Windsor hotel floor plans
1921, 20th century
Gift of the Imperial Windsor Group inc.
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

The Windsor Hotel had a reputation for providing comfort and convenience in a refined setting.

Visitors entering the hotel found themselves in a magnificent rotunda with a frescoed dome. From there it was only a few steps to the hotel office, the waiting room, the telegrapher's office, the ticket office, the coat rooms and the news stand.

Close by were the billiard room, the bar, a barber's shop, a haberdasher's shop and a chemist's shop.

A marble staircase rose to join a long hallway leading to a series of handsome drawing rooms. Two dining rooms welcomed guests at mealtimes. As an 1882 guidebook points out, the bedrooms were " all supplied with hot and cold water, and [were] roomy and well warmed and ventilated," which was very important.

  • What

    The architecture of the Windsor Hotel was in the refined Second Empire style, one of the most common and best liked in Montreal in the latter half of the 19th century.

  • Where

    The Windsor Hotel, Windsor Station (1889) and St. Jacques le Majeur Cathedral (1895) were part of a group of prestigious buildings surrounding Dominion Square.

  • When

    Inaugurated in 1878, the Windsor Hotel was expanded considerably in 1907 by the addition of an annex.

  • Who

    As was customary at the time, the design of the hotel was entrusted to an American architect, William Boyington. The annex was designed by New York architects Hardenbergh and Gilbert.