Model1 | Model, Victoria Bridge

Model, Victoria Bridge
1992, 20th century
Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

The technical achievements involved in the construction of the Victoria Bridge earned it the nickname "the eighth wonder of the world."

The first stage was to erect the stone piers. The metal structure covering the railway was then assembled, with the work advancing simultaneously from both ends of the bridge. The final stage, in 1859, consisted of the construction the central section that spans the main channel of the river.

The contractors most often built the machines directly on the site. New techniques were developed, such as the Chaffey derrick, a kind of wooden crane that was simple to assemble, which easily raised heavy loads.

In total, 72 transportation barges, 1,540,000 rivets and 4 coats of paint were required for the construction of the bridge.

  • What

    This model of the Victoria Bridge was made in 1992 for an exhibition at the McCord Museum.

  • Where

    More than 140 years after its construction, the bridge still sits on its original piers.

  • When

    The construction work began in May 1854 and was completed, on schedule, on January 1, 1860.

  • Who

    The number of workers on the bridge rose to 3040 in 1858, the maximum number recorded.