MP-1994.9.55 | Scenic Railway, Grosbois Island, QC, ca. 1910

Scenic Railway, Grosbois Island, QC, ca. 1910
Henri Richard
About 1910, 19th century
Silver salts on film - Gelatin silver process
8.3 x 14 cm
Gift of M. Albert Richard
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  amusement park (2) , architecture (335) , building (34) , fair (2) , game (7) , Grosbois Island (1) , leisure (134) , leisure event (98) , Occupation (1110) , pavillion (1) , Photograph (77678) , rail (53) , scenic railway (1) , transportation (338)
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Keys to History

By the beginning of the 20th century, a new generation of amusement park was becoming popular. Modelled after New York's Coney Island, these parks featured a wide variety of mechanical rides. Now, visitors came not just to watch the various shows and acts but also to enjoy the thrill of the midway rides. The midway was a new form of entertainment, one far removed from the proper entertainments of the Victorian era, intended to quell the very thing that the new rides sought to create: excitement, thrills, fun!

  • What

    The workers in this photograph are building the tracks of a roller coaster.

  • Where

    The first amusement parks in Canada were modelled on the many successful American ones.

  • When

    Amusement parks, which appeared in the early 20th century, applied many of the modern techniques and materials then being developed to the construction of new rides.

  • Who

    Anyone could go to an amusement park, but to take part in the rides and games, such as target shooting, one had to buy a ticket, which ran from 5 to 25 cents.