MP-1979.111.75 | Chilcoots & dog, summit Dyea, BC (?), about 1900

Chilcoots & dog, summit Dyea, BC (?), about 1900
Edwin Tappan Adney
About 1900, 19th century or 20th century
Silver salts on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
10 x 12 cm
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  animal (140) , Chilcoot (1) , dog (28) , event (101) , event (534) , figure (1849) , History (944) , history (162) , Klondike Gold Rush (14) , male (1608) , mammal (51) , pair (195) , Photograph (77678) , Yukon Territory (7)
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Keys to History

Tappan Adney identifies these men as Chilkoots; they are probably Chilkat whose people had been living in the region of what is now Skagway and Haines, Alaska, for thousands of years. They controlled the trade from the coast into the interior, and became quite rich from trading goods from the Russians on the coast with the First Nations of what is now the Yukon. When miners first came to the Yukon after 1870, the Chilkats made as much as a dollar a pound packing their goods over the Chilkoot Pass. The gold rush was a windfall for them. By 1900, when this picture was taken, the railway had been finished, and there was no more work for them.

Source : Off to the Klondike! The Search for Gold [Web tour], by William R. Morrison, University of Northern British Columbia (see Links)

  • What

    These people are likely a family, for the figure on the left (a woman?) seems to have a baby in a carrier on her back.

  • Where

    The picture was taken somewhere along the Chilkoot Trail, probably near the summit.

  • When

    The date is some time around 1900.

  • Who

    These are coastal First Nations people, with a dog.