MP-0000.158.81 | Locomotive #5903 at the entrance to the Rockies, AB, about 1923

Photograph, glass lantern slide
Locomotive #5903 at the entrance to the Rockies, AB, about 1923
Anonyme - Anonymous
About 1923, 20th century
Silver salts and transparent ink on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
8 x 10 cm
Gift of Mr. Stanley G. Triggs
© McCord Museum
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"The Gap: Between Winnipeg and Calgary the line has already climbed over 2,600 feet; and from Calgary to Banff it must climb another 1,100 feet in eighty miles. Leaving Calgary, the great stretches of level country cease, and the rolling grassy foothils succeed, rising tier upon tier to the base of the great ranges of which they are the outposts. Soon the mountains rise abruptly in great masses. A bend in the line brings the train between almost vertical walls of dizzy height, streaked and capped with snow and ice, and we enter the mountains by means of this gap. Through this gateway, also, the Bow River issues from the hills."

Excerpt from "ACROSS CANADA BY C. P. R.", Section 5--The Canadian Rockies; booklet, McGill University Illustrated Lectures, 1928.