MP-0000.158.76 | Hebridean settlers in Western Canada, about 1925

Photograph, glass lantern slide
Hebridean settlers in Western Canada, about 1925
Anonyme - Anonymous
About 1925, 20th century
Silver salts and transparent ink on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
8 x 10 cm
Gift of Mr. Stanley G. Triggs
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Architecture (8646) , child (1308) , informal (1120) , Photograph (77678) , rural (407)
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"New Settlers Arriving: The growth of Western Canada has been accomplished almost entirely by immigration. The natural increase of population would not people its millions of fertile acres within a couple of hundred years at least, and therefore Western Canada is peculiarly dependent upon immigration as its chief development factor. What immigration has accomplished in the past, and what opportunities are still open, are indicated by the following figures. At the census of 1901, the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta had a population of 420,000. In the year 1926 the population had grown to 2,141,000. Reference has already been made (No. 60) to the fact that there are at least 167,000,000 acres of first-class arable land in these provinces. In 1925 less than 36,000,000 acres were actually under cultivation."

Excerpt from "ACROSS CANADA BY C. P. R.", Section 4--The Prairie Provinces; booklet, McGill University Illustrated Lectures, 1928.