M999.81.21.1-2 | Duceppe Visits a Cheese Factory

Montage, cartoon
Duceppe Visits a Cheese Factory
Serge Chapleau
1997, 20th century
Toner on paper - Computer graphic
27.9 x 43.2 cm
Gift of M. Serge Chapleau
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Cartoon (19139) , Montage (computer drawing) (327) , politics (10928)
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Keys to History

"This was just the beginning... But as I have always maintained, the original photograph was much funnier than my drawing!"

Serge Chapleau

  • What

    Right in the middle of the election campaign, Gilles Duceppe visited an agro-business factory that produces cheese. All visitors are required by law to wear a hairnet while on the premises. Duceppe looked particularly funny in his, to the delight of the photographers and cartoonists trying to find some way to highlight the many problems confronting the Bloc québécois, and Gilles Duceppe, in the campaign.

  • Where

    The Bloc québécois is a sovereignist party working at the federal level. It runs candidates only in Quebec's seventy-five federal ridings.

  • When

    Lucien Bouchard was a founding member of the Bloc québécois and became the party's leader in 1993. Gilles Duceppe led his first federal election campaign as leader of the party in 1997. The Bloc's poor organization as well as its leader's inexperience were much in the news at the time, and affected the party's overall performance.

  • Who

    Gilles Duceppe, politician, sovereignist and, since 1997, leader of the Bloc québécois.