M997.63.417 | Electricity Week

Drawing, cartoon
Electricity Week
Normand Hudon
1965, 20th century
Ink, crayon and newsprint - Collage
23 x 21 cm
Gift of Mme Arlette Hudon
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Cartoon (19139) , Drawing (18637) , drawing (18379) , Economy (211) , electricity (31) , figure (1849) , Hydro-Québec (19) , Inuit (13) , Liberal Party (201) , male (1608) , Minister of Natural Resources (1) , Nationalization (3) , People (413) , Political parties (800) , Political stakes (346) , Politicians (860) , politics (10928) , Politics (1624) , portrait (61) , Provincial (500) , Québec (427) , Québec Liberal Party (243) , Québec or Canada political events (600) , René Lévesque (87) , Resources (24) , State control (18)
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Keys to History

When René Lévesque was minister of natural resources in Jean Lesage's Liberal government, one of his assignments was to build closer relations with the Inuit and the Cree in northern Québec (now called Nunavik), a region with abundant sources of waterpower. As illustrated by the electrical plugs and the banknotes that Lévesque is waving, there was also a major financial dimension to closer relations.

  • What

    Northern Québec has significant hydroelectric potential for Hydro-Québec, which wants to develop it. The issue of First Nations' rights to this land is a source of ongoing controversy for the government-owned corporation.

  • Where

    Northern Québec (now called Nunavik) is a huge territory that covers over half the province's land area. It is bordered to the west by Hudson Bay, to the north by Hudson Strait and to the east by Ungava Bay.

  • When

    René Lévesque was Liberal minister of natural resources from 1961 to 1966. He was one of the star ministers in the cabinet of Québec Premier Jean Lesage.

  • Who

    The territory targeted for hydroelectric development is inhabited by Inuit, Cree and Naskapi communities, represented in the cartoon by the character wearing a parka.