M996.10.515 | Brian Must Articulate to Ronald Reagan Canada's Stand on Nicaragua, acid rain, Free Trade, etc.

Drawing, cartoon
Brian Must Articulate to Ronald Reagan Canada's Stand on Nicaragua, acid rain, Free Trade, etc.
Serge Chapleau
1986, 20th century
Ink on paper
25 x 26.2 cm
Gift of M. Serge Chapleau
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's lack of room to manoeuvre in dealing with the United States is symbolized here by his lack of a mouth. The cartoonist is denouncing Canada's unwillingness to challenge the U.S. on its responsibility for what was happening with Nicaragua, acid rain, free trade, etc.

  • What

    The Mulroney government was often taken to task for its close relations with the United States. Critics claimed that the close relationship prevented the prime minister from defending Canada's autonomy from Washington on a number of issues, including the environment.

  • Where

    Acid rain is a problem primarily in southeastern Canada, which lies downwind from the large industrial areas of the northeastern United States.

  • When

    The Government of Canada launched a program to fight acid rain in 1985. That same year, Prime Minister Mulroney and U.S. President Ronald Reagan commissioned special envoys (William Davis and Drew Lewis) to examine the problem. Their joint report, published the following year, acknowledged the seriousness of the acid rain phenomenon and paved the way for an eventual Canada-U.S. agreement on air quality.

  • Who

    Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney was prime minister of Canada from 1984 to 1993.