M994X.5.273.115 | "Political Pluck" (Playfully Adapted from a Well-Known Chromo)

"Political Pluck" (Playfully Adapted from a Well-Known Chromo)
John Wilson Bengough
1886, 19th century
Ink on newsprint - Photoengraving
25.3 x 31.5 cm
Gift of Dr. Raymond Boyer
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Cartoon (19139) , politics (10928) , Print (10661)
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Keys to History

This widely-known chromo was adapted to the situation of the Ontario Opposition without the necessity for any change in the figures. Messrs. Cameron, Rykert and Boultbee, as the acknowledged leaders of the Conservatives in the Local House, maintained a constant allegiance to their Federal leader, Sir John Macdonald, both in and out of the local arena. It was a well-known fact that amongst that astute politician's most eager desires, was a longing to get possession of the treasury benches of Ontario, upon which a Reform Government had long been firmly seated. (Excerpt from: Bengough, John Wilson. A Caricature History of Canadian Politics: Events from the Union of 1841, as Illustrated by Cartoons from "Grip", and Various Other Sources. Toronto: The Grip Printing and Publishing Co, 1886.)

Cartoon originally published in Grip, January 16th, 1875