M992.110.90 | Repair man car, toy

Repair man car, toy
Lionel Corporation
About 1930, 20th century
15 x 31 cm
Gift of the Estate of M. Omer Lavallée
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

Vital to the development of North America, a railroad links Canada from east to west in 1885. It promotes the rapid colonisation of Western Canada.

  • What

    This toy is an accurate reproduction of a rear carriage, which served as a sleeping car and workshop for the staff and operators of the train. It was part of a set of rails, locomotive and cars to put together.

  • Where

    This toy carriage was produced by the Lionel Company of the United States.

  • When

    The carriage was manufactured between 1926 and 1936. In the 1900s small electric trains began to be advertised in catalogues.

  • Who

    The main customer base targeted by the Lionel Company was the children of wealthy families.