M968.340.1 | Janet, Geills, John and Thomas McCrae, about 1882

Janet, Geills, John and Thomas McCrae, about 1882
A.E. Marshall
About 1882, 19th century
Silver salts on paper - Gelatin silver process
15.2 x 10.3 cm
This artefact belongs to : © Guelph Museums
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Keys to History

John McCrae's mother, Janet (1846-1919), was the youngest daughter of the widowed Reverend John Eckford (1799-1881). Like many pioneers, Janet grew into a resourceful young woman with many abilities. Her father had instilled in her a love of reading, which she in turn would pass on to her children.

Janet had a wonderful sense of humour and was a gifted mimic. It may have been at one of the many local dances, band recitals or church soirées that she first met David McCrae. The young couple were married on January 21, 1870.

The family purchased a small limestone cottage in Guelph, near the Speed River, where John was born on November 30, 1872, two years after his brother Thomas in 1870. The family lived here until 1873 and then moved to 121 Woolwich Street, where sister Geills was born in 1878.

  • What

    Janet McCrae and her three children are photographed in a studio setting depicting the outdoors.

  • Where

    This photograph was taken at the A. E. Marshall studio in Guelph, Ontario.

  • When

    Janet McCrae and her children probably posed for this photograph about 1882, when John was ten years of age.

  • Who

    The photograph depicts John, seated to the left of his older brother Tom (1870-1935), baby Geills (1878-1933) and their mother Janet McCrae (née Eckford).