M4777.2 | Col. Wetherall's bivouack at St. Hilaire de Rouville, 1840

Col. Wetherall's bivouack at St. Hilaire de Rouville, 1840
Lord Charles Beauclerk (1813-1842)
1840, 19th century
Ink and watercolour on paper - Lithography
26.5 x 36.6 cm
Gift of Mr. David Ross McCord
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Military (334) , Print (10661)
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Keys to History

Sir George Augustus Wetherall was a professional soldier in the British army. Born in England, he served in India before coming to Montreal to command the garrison. By 1835, civil unrest was taking hold in Lower Canada. The rebellions, concentrated in the Montreal region, broke out in the fall of 1837. As violence spread beyond Montreal, Wetherall led one part of the British pincer movement which was to attack the patriote stronghold of St. Charles. Wetherall's troops were camped at Mount St. Hilaire on November 23, 1837 when word came of the patriote victory at St. Denis.

Source : The Aftermath of the Rebellions [Web tour], by Brian J. Young, McGill University (see Links)

  • What

    This print was part of a series showing British military life during the crisis of 1837. Back home in Britain they would be treasured as important records of military life in the colony.

  • Where

    St. Hilaire represented a major landmark on the Montreal plain, being an important campsite for troops as they advanced towards the rebels.

  • When

    The date of these prints is not always certain, as artists sometimes neglected to sign and date their work. Although dated around 1840, this print depicts events that took place in 1837.

  • Who

    This print, part of a series of prints done by Lord Charles Beauclerk, pays tribute to enlisted British men and their commanding officer, Sir George Augustus Wetherall.