M2011.19.3.1-2 | Spacecraft Apollo 11

Space rocket, toy
Spacecraft Apollo 11
Toy Nomura
About 1969, 20th century
11.8 x 14.4 x 35.5 cm
Lent by Mrs. W. G. McConnell
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

This toy rocket is a reproduction of the Apollo 11 piloted by Commander Neil Armstrong, the first human being to step on to the Moon, in 1969. During the Cold War (1947 to 1990), the United States and the USSR were rivals in "the space race", in order to assert their supremacy in technology.

  • What

    Manufactured by the Japanese company Toy Nomura, this is a toy version of the Apollo 11 rocket.

  • Where

    This type of toy, like many others manufactured at the time by Japanese companies, was mainly aimed at the American market.

  • When

    Dating from 1969, this toy came on the market when the flight of the Apollo 11, the first conquest of space, had generated great public enthusiasm, largely because of the televised images of the mission.

  • Who

    The Toy Nomura Company, which no longer exists, produced a large number of toys relating to space and science fiction: ray guns, space stations etc.