M2007.69.69 | National holidays

Drawing, cartoon
National holidays
Garnotte (alias Michel Garneau)
1996, 20th century
Ink on card
21.3 x 28 cm
Gift of M. Michel Garneau
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Anonymous citizen (162) , Canada Day (4) , Current event (10) , figure (1849) , Holiday (4) , male (1608) , National assertion (94) , pair (195) , People (413) , Québec or Canada political events (600) , St-Jean-Baptiste (2)
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Keys to History

This cartoon suggests, by the way the two men are dressed, that even when Quebeckers and other Canadians express their national feelings of belonging, such as at St. Jean Baptiste celebrations or on Canada Day, there are actually more similarities than differences between them.

  • What

    The feeling that French Canadians and English Canadians maintain a certain distance vis-à-vis one another, even though they share the same country, is encapsulated by the expression "two solitudes," which is often used to refer to this special relationship.

  • Where

    St. Jean Baptiste Day is Quebeckers' national holiday, or fête nationale, while Canada Day is Canadians'.

  • When

    St. Jean Baptiste Day, June 24, became Quebeckers' official holiday in 1977. Canada's statutory holiday is July 1: it was established as Dominion Day in 1879, but was renamed Canada Day in 1982.

  • Who

    The man in the cowboy hat is supposed to represent a typical English Canadian, while the other one is supposed to be a typical Quebecker.