M2001X.6.57 | Clouston-Todd, Garantee No.94 Rolls-Royce Ltd London & Derby

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Garantee certificate
Clouston-Todd, Garantee No.94 Rolls-Royce Ltd London & Derby
1910, 20th century
53 x 7 cm
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

A certificate of guarantee from Rolls-Royce Limited was given to every proud owner of a new car upon its delivery. Rolls-Royce, founded in 1906, specialized in cars tailored to the luxury market.

Cars appeared on the streets of Montreal during the first decade of the 20th century. At that time, cars were thought to be toys - stricly recreational - and only the very wealthy could afford to own them. The situation changed rapidly, however, and by the 1920s cars were no longer a rare sight in and around Montreal.

The arrival of the automobile had a major impact on urban planning. More and better roads were constructed, changing the face of the city and countryside alike. New businesses catering to the automobile, including service stations and insurance companies, also sprang up.

  • What

    This guarantee is a certificate listing the registration number of the car and the date of delivery, March 9, 1910.

  • Where

    Made in Derby, England, this car was to be delivered to Miss Clouston in Montreal.

  • When

    The certificate guarantees delivery of the automobile on March 9, 1910. In that year, only 489 cars were registered for use in the City of Montreal.

  • Who

    Miss Clouston was the daughter of Sir Edward Seaborne Clouston (1849-1912), a director and vice-president of the Bank of Montreal.