M2001X.6.40 | Ticket

1861-1894, 19th century
Ink on paper
3.5 x 8 cm
© McCord Museum
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Keys to History

As suggested by the stamp, this ticket was proof of a trip on board a vehicle of the Montreal Omnibus & Tramway Company, a private company that tried to compete with the main Montreal public transportation company in the 1870s, the Montreal Street Railway.

From 1861, the first year the tramway operated in Montreal, until 1910, the streetcar fare remained unchanged: five cents. Too expensive for many people in the beginning, the streetcar became more affordable over the years as a public transportation system was being developed. The number of rides in the vehicles of the Montreal Street Railway climbed steadily, increasing from 1 million in 1863 to 11 million in 1892 and more than 60 million in 1904.

By the turn of the 20th century, the streetcar had become a means of mass transportation.

  • What

    There is an advertisement on the back of the ticket.

  • Where

    In the 1870s, the only line operated by the Montreal Omnibus & Tramway Company was on Beaver Hall Hill.

  • When

    The first transfer dates from 1894. Previously, passengers had to pay their fare on each vehicle they took.

  • Who

    The P.A.Y.E. (Pay As You Enter) vehicle was conceived by Duncan McDonald and W.G. Ross, two employees of the Montreal Street Railway.