M2000.79.91 | Sex and the Computer Nerd

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Creative Commons License
Drawing, cartoon
Sex and the Computer Nerd
Aislin (alias Terry Mosher)
1998, 20th century
Ink, felt pen and collage on paper
23.5 x 23.5 cm
Gift of Mr. Terry Mosher
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Anonymous citizen (162) , Cartoon (19139) , communication (26) , Computer (7) , couple (71) , Drawing (18637) , drawing (18379) , figure (1849) , Life in society (104) , Mixed (25) , People (413) , Sex (18) , Social stakes (275) , Technology (52) , various themes (1105)
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Keys to History

Is all the time people spend on computers having an adverse effect on the quality of human relationships? The cartoonist certainly seems to think so, judging by the fed-up look on the face of the woman who, even in bed, can't get her partner to set his computer aside.

  • What

    Marketing and the proliferation of laptop models have made computers common in modern homes. They are used for so many things that they are part of Quebeckers' everyday lives, despite the downside to this reliance.

  • Where

    Laptop and notebook models have made computing possible virtually everywhere, even in bed.

  • When

    Laptop computers became popular consumer items in the 1990s.

  • Who

    Computing gave birth to the phenomenon of "computer nerds" -- people, especially young men, who are obsessed with computers and whose lives revolve around them. They spend hours surfing the Web or living vicariously through video game characters who become the focus of their universe.