M15934.46 | Temporary locomotive, workmen's houses and workshops

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Temporary locomotive, workmen's houses and workshops
Anonyme - Anonymous
1860, 19th century
Coloured ink on paper
42.2 x 58.6 cm
Gift of Mr. David Ross McCord
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Print (10661) , rail (370) , Transportation (2517)
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Keys to History

Providing long-term accommodation for a large crew of men, particularly for shelter from the severe Canadian elements, became a major problem for the contractors of the Victoria Bridge.

At Saint-Lambert Benjamin Chaffey, under the terms of his contract, built housing units along with workshops and offices close to the end of the bridge. At Point St. Charles the problem was partially solved by converting the old "emigrant sheds" into living quarters. The twenty-one buildings in this complex, after complete renovations, provided comfortable quarters for three to five hundred people, both single men and families.

Some of these Point St. Charles buildings are visible in the background of this print (from the original photograph N-0000.41.2).