I-81063.1 | Mr. Crowther and friends playing cribbage, Montreal, QC, 1873

Mr. Crowther and friends playing cribbage, Montreal, QC, 1873
William Notman (1826-1891)
1873, 19th century
Silver salts on paper mounted on paper - Albumen process
17 x 12 cm
Purchase from Associated Screen News Ltd.
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  male (26812) , Photograph (77678) , portrait (53878)
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Keys to History

Men also enjoyed recreational pursuits in the comfort of the home. These were opportunities to socialize, further relationships and form groups of like-minded people. As with sports and other structured activities, their card and table games served to develop business relations and political alliances. This type of leisure was meant to relax, of course, but the formative aim was never far off.

  • What

    The upper classes abundantly documented their success, wealth and lifestyle in photographs.

  • Where

    The precise location of this card game cannot be determined. The lack of any décor is surely intentional, meant to focus full attention on the solemn, powerful subjects.

  • When

    Photography came into widespread use in the 19th century. William Notman set up shop in Montreal in 1856.

  • Who

    Despite their serious, businesslike appearance, these men clearly are not hard at work.