I-68911 | Rowing crew, Halifax, NS, 1871

Rowing crew, Halifax, NS, 1871
Halifax Notman Studio
1871, 19th century
Silver salts on glass - Wet collodion process
25 x 20 cm
Purchase from Associated Screen News Ltd.
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  male (26812) , Photograph (77678) , portrait (53878)
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Keys to History

The dashing young rowers in this photograph would no doubt have caught the eye of many young women attending the regatta. Their mothers, however, would want to ensure that any young men admired by their daughters were from respectable families and able to provide for them financially. Although love was an important criteria in choosing a marriage partner, family status and wealth still had to be carefully considered.

Peter Ward, Courtship, Love and Marriage in Nineteenth-Century English Canada (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999).

  • What

    In the era before the development of modern elastic fabric such as spandex, rowers wore soft stretchy trousers made of "bearbuff" to allow them greater mobility.

  • Where

    The members of this rowing team were from Halifax, just one of many Maritime cities where competitive rowing was extremely popular.

  • When

    Rowing competitions became popular in the Maritimes in the 1850s and reached the height of their popularity about 1900.

  • Who

    Both men and women participated in competitive rowing, although women rowers used special narrow boats.