CPR-NS.8454 | Scottish Immigrants, about 1927

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Scottish Immigrants, about 1927
About 1927, 20th century
Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
This artefact belongs to : © CPRC / CFCP
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Keys to History

The Scottish connection with the CPR can be seen in many contexts. Most importantly, the railway and its subsidiary passenger-ship company played a vital role in bringing Scottish immigrants to Canada and the Canadian prairies. Here a party of Scottish crofters, or tenant farmers, is preparing to leave Britain on a Canadian Pacific steamship, en route to farms in western Canada, to "prairie lands sunkist and blest." As crofters, they would have worked for a landowner, perhaps one of the wealthy aristocrats like the Duke of Sutherland, who owned 1.5 million acres of land. In Canada they could own their own farms.

  • What

    This photograph shows a family of Scots about to emigrate from Great Britain to Canada.

  • Where

    The location is unknown, but is probably a British port such as Liverpool.

  • When

    The family is leaving for Canada around 1927. Between 1919 and 1930 some 200,000 Scots immigrated to Canada.

  • Who

    Most of the Scots immigrants were farmers and artisans, although large numbers of business and professional people emigrated, especially teachers and clergymen.