CPR-A.6030 | Scotland by the Anchor, Donaldson Line

Scotland by the Anchor, Donaldson Line
1924, 20th century
Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
This artefact belongs to : © CPRC / CFCP
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Keys to History

The transatlantic traffic went both ways. The steamers brought settlers from Scotland to Canada, but they also took tourists from Canada to Scotland. This poster, dating from 1924, was designed to appeal to homesick Scottish immigrants in Canada, encouraging them to travel over the CPR to Montreal, where they would take a steamer (perhaps the ill-fated Athenia) back to Scotland to spend the holiday season with the "home folks". The Anchor-Donaldson line was based in Glasgow, a convenient destination for those travelling to visit relatives in Scotland.

  • What

    This advertising poster was designed to bring tourists to Scotland on the company's ocean liners.

  • Where

    The poster was aimed particularly at attracting Scottish immigrants in Canada to visit their relatives back in Scotland.

  • When

    The census of 1871 revealed that 157 of every 1,000 Canadians were of Scottish origin. And Scottish immigration, following the enclosures of land in the Highland region, continued until 1960.

  • Who

    The large Scottish immigration to Canada has left its mark on many fields of activity, from finance to sports. It is noteworthy that through the efforts of the Scottish community in Montreal the Royal Montreal Golf Club, the first golf club in North America, was founded in 1873.