BELL-147ANG | Bell Canada logo, 1947

Bell Canada logo, 1947
1947, 20th century
Bell Canada Historical Collection
This artefact belongs to: © Bell Canada
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Keys to History

Consolidation of Bell Canada's Business Until 1930

Founded in 1880, the Bell Telephone Company of Canada continued to expand phenomenally until 1930. The first general meeting of company shareholders was held in the Queen's Hotel in Toronto on June 1, 1880. Three people attended: Andrew Robertson, Charles Fleetford Sise and Hugh Cossart Baker. The company slowly bought out several competitors and took over the urban telephone market in Quebec and Ontario.

A few months before the start of the Depression in 1929, Bell opened its new head office in Montreal. At the time, it was the second tallest building in the city. Over 2,000 employees worked in this skyscraper.

  • What

    A logo is a graphic design that serves as a company's identifying symbol.

  • Where

    Bell's logo is not only used in print and electronic advertising, but also appears on the company's buildings, vehicles and phone booths.

  • When

    Bell Canada has had 11 logos since 1880.

  • Who

    Company president Frederick Johnson approved this new logo in April 1947.