ACC1703B | Gambling tray

Gambling tray
Anonyme - Anonymous
Northwest Coast
Aboriginal: Tlingit
1865-1900, 19th century
Spruce root, bear grass, maidenhair fern, organic dyes
25.2 cm
Gift of the Art Association of Montreal
© McCord Museum
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The Aboriginal peoples of the Northwest Coast were very fond of gambling, especially of dice games. There were several variations in North America. In general, dice games were played with five or six die thrown into wooden bowls or trays such as this one. The score was kept using small sticks or dried beans. The dice were usually made out of bone or antler and carved on each side. In some versions of the game, the dice were made of peach or prune pits. The value of the thrown dice was equal to a certain number of sticks, the object of the game being to obtain all the sticks of one's opponent.