971.57.P32a | Ave Marie Stella Dei Pater Alma

Drawing, cartoon
Ave Marie Stella Dei Pater Alma
Grand'mere Knitting Company Ltd.
January 26th 1968, 20th century
On paper
6 x 7 cm
This artefact belongs to: © Centre d'études acadiennes
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Keys to History

In 1968 some international newspapers paid special attention to the delegation of Acadians from New Brunswick who had come to meet the French president, General Charles de Gaulle. Yet when the delegation returned to New Brunswick, it was criticized in the Canadian, Quebec and New Brunswick press.

The media were filled with editorials, cartoons and comments. Some saw the trip as the Acadian community's due, while others considered it to be an affront to protocol, as the delegation represented no government. The members of the delegation defended their initiative, explaining that their mission was cultural, not political.

  • What

    French newspaper editorials were not always signed at this time the way they are now.

  • Where

    This cartoon was published on January 26, 1968, in L'Insecte, a Université de Moncton student paper.

  • When

    Publication of the Laurendeau-Dunton report on bilingualism and biculturalism, in the late 1960s, raised the consciousness of the French-speaking students at the Université de Moncton. A period of protests followed, which is reflected in the student newspaper of the time.

  • Who

    The cartoonist was J. P. Frenette, probably a student at the Université de Moncton.