69.92.619 | Mgr Marcel-François Richard

Mgr Marcel-François Richard
1800-1899, 19th century
Colour woodcut on Japanese paper, mounted on card
40.6 cm
Gift from la Paroisse Notre-Dame de l'Assomption
This artefact belongs to : © Musée acadien of the Université de Moncton
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Keys to History

In the early 20th century, one of the main concerns of Acadian leaders was Acadianizing the Roman Catholic church. Given the essential role played by this institution in Acadian society at the time, they called long and loud for Acadians to be appointed to the upper echelons of the Maritime church hierarchy.

Mgr. Richard was active in making these demands. On trips to Rome in 1907 and 1910, he obtained from Pope Pius X a promise that an Acadian bishop would be appointed. In 1912 Mgr. Édouard LeBlanc was named bishop of Saint John, NB.

This appointment was a major victory for the Acadians. It not only brought them closer to an institution that influenced their everyday life, it gave them the confidence they needed to defend their rights.

  • What

    This is the rosary that Mgr. Marcel-François Richard was holding when he died.

  • Where

    Marcel-François Richard was the parish priest of St. Louis de Kent in southeastern New Brunswick.

  • When

    When he died in 1915, Mgr. Richard was buried at Rogersville, NB.

  • Who

    Mgr. Richard (1847-1915) had the monument to Our Lady of the Assumption built in Rogersville, NB. It is still standing. He was elevated to the rank of domestic prelate by Pope Pius X, which is why his title is monsignor.