3.5.2.B | England and Canada

Newspaper extract
England and Canada
January 13, 1860, 19th century
Le Canadien
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"(...) Whatever reason the London newspaper may have, from the British point of view, to complain of a tariff that hits at some of the interests of Manchester manufacturers, Birmingham factory owners and Sheffield cutlers, they show very bad grace in reproaching colonists for making use of a protective tariff to deal with a financial situation into which they were lead by large public undertakings which the Times itself was very much in favour of one day last month. It is unjust and ridiculous to congratulate a people on having dug canals, built a great railway line and thrown a magnificent bridge across the Saint Lawrence River, and then to get up in arms when this people adopts the only suitable measures for paying off the enormous debt contracted in order to carry out this work."