1997-410 | Evangeline A Tale of Acadie

Evangeline A Tale of Acadie
Violet Oakley
1897, 19th century
2.3 x 16 x 22.4 cm
Gift of Laurie Landry
This artefact belongs to : © Musée acadien of the Université de Moncton
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Keys to History

Exiled Acadians were scattered throughout America's English colonies, from Massachusetts to Georgia. Many of them, like Evangeline, even reached the banks of the Mississippi.

The hardest thing for the exiles to endure was the separation of families, friends and neighbours. Many tried to find their loved ones, uncertain of their fate. This is the case of Evangeline, who sets out in search of Gabriel.

One day people tell her that they have seen Gabriel and his father, Basil, in the Louisiana lowlands. The two men have become hardy voyageurs. Along with Father Felician, Evangeline joins a group of exiles who head down the Mississippi to Louisiana. They manage to find Basil Lajeunesse's home, but Gabriel is no longer there -- he has just left for the prairies of the West with his "horses, guides and companions." Evangeline again sets out to follow his trail.

  • What

    This engraving, published in New York in 1897, shows Evangeline searching for Gabriel; it appeared in Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie.

  • Where

    The scene is set in the bayous of Louisiana. Acclimatizing themselves to this subtropical region was doubtless no easy task for the Acadians.

  • When

    The displacement of the Acadians continued for many years after the deportation.

  • Who

    This engraving was done by the artist Violet Oakley. She began her career as an illustrator and experimented with a variety of media during her lifetime.