1987.17.933 | McLeod Brook, Kings County, New Brunswick

McLeod Brook, Kings County, New Brunswick
H. W. Beecher Smith
1931, 20th century
Silver print
12.7 x 17.8 cm
William Francis Ganong Collection
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

Rural New Brunswick lost a great deal of its population in the years prior to the Depression. Better educational and employment opportunities, along with a desire to do something different, brought thousands of young men and women to towns and large urban centers. A favourite destination of rural Maritimers of the 1920s was the United States, or "Boston States,"-in other words, the industrial northeast.

By the early 1930s, however, this trend ceased and, in some cases, even reversed. While hard cash was hard to come by, at least on Maritime farms one found food and shelter. In general, being poor on the family farm was preferable to being poor in town. Country folk made do with what they had and were not shy about helping a neighbour in need. Slowly but surely, sons and daughters returned home from the big city and the Boston States.

Those that left rural areas hoped for better opportunities. While some were successful, most were not.

  • What

    The farm in the background of this photograph also operated as the Brookdale Inn, offering rooms, tea and breakfast.

  • Where

    McLeod Brook is located in the eastern part of Kings County, near the community of Penobsquis, NB.

  • When

    With fuel for automobiles in short supply, horses would sometimes be hitched to autos to provide transport. These horse-drawn cars became known sardonically as "Bennett Buggies."

  • Who

    The McLeod Family, of Scottish origin, arrived in this part of Kings County in the early 19th century.