1979.118.28 | Coverlet

Mary Rebecca Walker
1888, 19th century
207 cm
Gift of E. Jacqueline Davis, 1979
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

Little is known of the adult life of Frances Allen Jack (1854-1913). She never married, and remained living at home until her death on August 7, 1913. The 1862 gift of a doll, Lady Blanche Paulet, to the young Fanny from her mother Emma (1825-95) was probably one of innumerable kindnesses shown by the mother to her daughters. This coverlet, a gift for "Mothering Sunday," indicates that kindness was returned to Emma Jack in full measure. Embroidered in pale green wool, in alternating blocks with floral and leaf motifs, this coverlet is initialled with the first letter of the names, in birth order, of Emma Carleton Kenah Jack's seven daughters: Mary Rebecca Walker (1845-1929), Alice Delacour Jack (1847-1921), Edith Herbert Street (1849-1922), Frances Allen Jack (1854-1913), Emma Carleton Kenah Jack (1856-1918), Helen Ramsay Jack (1861-1934) and Beatrice Dearwyn MacKenzie (1863-1931).

  • What

    Used for warmth as well as for decoration, coverlets were the most visible aspect of a completed bed as they were usually the topmost layer of bedding.

  • Where

    Emma Carleton Kenah Jack attended St. Paul's Anglican Church, just around the corner from her home, Carrig Leagh.

  • When

    This item was presented to Emma Jack on March 11, 1888, Mothering Sunday, and the fourth Sunday of the Lenten season that year.

  • Who

    E. Jacqueline Davis, the great-granddaughter of Emma Carleton Kenah Jack, donated this coverlet to the New Brunswick Museum in 1979.