1966.14.49 | A New Brunswick Baseball Team

A New Brunswick Baseball Team
1900-1910, 20th century
Gelatine silver print mounted on card
25.3 x 30.4 cm
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

Ideas of reform in 1904 New Brunswick reached beyond politics to permeate all aspects of life. One great concern was the perceived moral degeneration of society. Physical activity, recreation and sport were widely considered to be a suitable remedy. Amateur athletics, the reformers believed, could instill in youth such appropriate values as loyalty, courage and teamwork.

Professional sport, however, was looked down upon. Some reformers contended that in fact professionalism destroyed the very fabric of noble amateurism. Professional athletes were seen as brash characters who lived outside the moral bounds of society. Nevertheless, thousands of New Brunswickers flocked to baseball diamonds to take in the professional games.

  • What

    In 1904, New Brunswickers took part in many sports including swimming, boating, tennis and skating. However, by far the most popular game in town was baseball.

  • Where

    Baseball teams from the United States often travelled to New Brunswick to play exhibition matches in front of large crowds.

  • When

    Professional baseball was first played in New Brunswick in 1890.

  • Who

    Newspapers covered both professional and amateur baseball, and considerable space was also dedicated to athletics in general, Unfortunately, the name of this team is unknown.