1964.83 | Tunic

About 1900, 20th century
58.4 x 65.3 cm
Gift of Captain Donald F. Taylor
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

Captains and crewmen began wearing uniforms in 1886. This tunic belonged to Captain Charles C. Taylor. who captained a series of riverboats serving the St. John River and its tributaries for nearly 50 years. He became Captain of the Olivette in 1895. It is thought that this tunic is from the Star Steamship Company, which operated from 1879 to 1910 and owned such well-known riverboats as the David Weston, the Victoria and the Majestic. Captain Taylor commanded both the David Weston and the Victoria around the turn of the 20th century, so this tunic most likely dates from that period.

Source : Window on the World: The Rivers of New Brunswick [Web tour], by New Brunswick Museum (see Links)

  • What

    Taylor's early rise to the rank of captain and his subsequent career, which was without serious mishaps, illustrates his ability as a master mariner.

  • Where

    Growing up along the banks of the St. John River, Taylor was fascinated by the riverboats from an early age.

  • When

    Young Taylor began his career in 1891, when he became a purser on the David Weston.

  • Who

    Charles Taylor, who was born at Sheffield, Sunbury County, in 1868, was said to be the youngest captain on the river.