1958.40 | A Member of the Merry Family, Possibly Nicholas Merry

A Member of the Merry Family, Possibly Nicholas Merry
About 1835, 19th century
81.6 x 67.6 cm
Gift of Marjory Nowlan, 1958
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

Nicholas and Margaret Merry emigrated to New Brunswick from Ireland in 1819, settling in Newcastle, Northumberland County, where they afterward operated a school for "upwards of thirty years." Enticed perhaps by land and professional opportunities, or possessed of a pioneer spirit, the Merrys represented another class of migrants by virtue of their mature ages at the time of arrival, and their subsequent professional success in education.

Nicolas Merry's 1821 land petition notes that he was a native of Ireland with a wife and five children, and had resided in the Miramichi area for the past year and a half. Not having received land previously, Merry was given 400 acres that he promised to cultivate and improve.

Source : Out of Ireland [Web tour], by New Brunswick Museum (see Links)

  • What

    The portrait frame is made of tiger maple veneer with a gilded pine liner.

  • Where

    Newcastle is located on the north bank of the Miramichi River.

  • When

    Nicholas Merry, born 1771, died in 1837; his wife, Margaret, born 1777, died in 1866.

  • Who

    The identity of the artist is unknown, but the work shares characteristics similar to those of other New Brunswick paintings of the 1830s.