15282 | Brooch

About 1845, 19th century
4.5 x 4 cm
Gift of C.A. Hewitt, 1931
This artefact belongs to: © New Brunswick Museum
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Keys to History

During the years of the Irish famine migration, Partridge Island Station processed thousands of immigrants. This mourning brooch is said to have been worn by Katherine Connor, an Irish immigrant who died on Partridge Island during the famine.

Source : Out of Ireland [Web tour], by New Brunswick Museum (see Links)

  • What

    Bog oak comes from stumps that have lain buried but preserved in bogs, which have accumulated naturally over them.

  • Where

    In Ireland, the shamrock was the most common decorative motif, being carved on most Irish objects.

  • When

    For over 100 years starting in the 1820s, bog oak, valued for its great strength and hardness, was used in the manufacture of small articles.

  • Who

    The sick on Partridge Island often lay on the bare ground in fog, rain or sunshine, making for a miserable existence.